How I set up and Customised my Site

Setting up with the Nikola Framework

Here is my down and dirty guide to what I did to create a static site and some of the many tweaks that followed. Mainly so I can remember what I did if I need to redo it again. I'm an amateur at this, so I'm not saying this is the best way to do it.


One of the key criteria for my site setup is that it is easily transferable so I'm not tied into a hosting platform and can get the best value deals, as I don't want to pay much for a personal site that is essentially a hobby. True I could use a free platform like Blogger, but I want the flexibility of being able to fully understand and customise my website. Additionally, if Blogger ever shuts down (Not an unlikely prospect as Google has shutdowna lot of services in the past) I don't want to have a problem exporting a large amount of information. For that reason an independent platform suits me and my choice is Nikola, which isn't the easiest p;atform for a non coder like me, but easy enough for to get a site working and the challenge means I've learnt a lot through this process. My site is also static, which means that it is all essential a few files and doesn't have the databases etc of most websites. The advantages are that it loads fast (except for any external iframes), it's very secure and won't get viruses. It means I can work completely off line. This is useful when I'm travelling and I want to write a post and now when I'm writing this article is a power-cut. So below is my generic setup so I remember what to change next time.
Computer desk

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The land of the dragons

Flores and Komodo National Park is fast becoming popular with divers and tourist alike. It's as close as you can get to visiting Jurrasic Park, If you get the chance go their now before all of the other tourists get there. Here is what I got up to.


On the boat passing the Islands of Komodo National Park

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Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is only a few hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur. It is the highest and coldest place in Malaysia, which means that it is essentially like British summer time all year around somewhere around 25 degrees celcius. I stayed in Tanah Rata, which is the main tourist town in Highlands, the other two towns being Ringlet and Brinchang. Lots of the main walking trails start around Tanah Rata making it a good location for a few days.


One of the occasional views on the trails

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