Somehow you've navigated your way across the web and reached my website and interestingly you clicked the 'about' link to know more about my babbling and you're still reading!

My interests are quite varied from drinking tea to technology and this is a blog where I record some of my ideas. I write about stuff that interests me including travelling and teaching, but It may not be of interest to you. I don't write for an audience or visitors, but as a personal record of what I've been up to, although there may be something here that is of interest to others.


I have spent the last few years working as a primary school teacher in England. I have taught throughout the age range in key stage two and I like teaching children PE and Computing and the teaching topics of this blog reflect this. I am a RaspberryPi certified educator and I have a profile on CAS


I like to travel in my spare time and I also have a bit of experience working abroad. Here are most of the countries that I've visited, so far.

My Online presence

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Opens Source

I have become interested in the concept of Open Source this is software and other products that are free to share and recreate and are often free of charge. I built this website myself using the open source engine Nikola and all the content on this site is available under a Creative commons license. Two free open source programs that I recommend and use on my computer are: Libreoffice (a good alternative to Microsoft Office) and Digikam (for organising photos. There are lots of other types of free software available. You can also find some of teaching resource that I've shared on TES.


Here are a few link to things that may be of use to other people.

Get a free giffgaff Sim

I use giff gaff as my mobile phone provider, as it provides the value of a contract with the flexiblity of pay as you go. The main difference is that you have to own your own phone, the main advantage is you can cancel at any time. If you want to join Giffgaff use the link above to get £5 free credit.

Start selling now on TPT

Teacher Pay Teachers is an American website that has many free and paid teaching resources created by teachers. It may be of use to some people to find some different resources outside of the usual websites or to sell some of your own teaching resources.