Today is December 1st, the first day of advent, a time to panic about Christmas shopping and reflect on the year. The nights are drawing in towards the shortest day of the year and winter has arrived. It certainly felt like that this morning as I walked through the woods, the rain pelted down and the trees are now almost bare, there is definetly less signs of life around, except for the abdudance of pheasants and the distant shots of sportsmen. The Bewick swans have returned to the wetlands of Gloucestershire from their summer home on the Russian tundra and it seems that the outdoors is settling down for its deep winter sleep.

2018 has been an odd year for me. I started the year in Cambodia and Vietnam, before returning to the UK at the end of February to be faced with snow, nowhere to live and no job. I'm now finishing the year having just bought a house and I am several months into my new job. I wonder what 2019 will bring?


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