Animal Relay

This is my jazzed up version of a relay race to warm your class up, a good one for younger children, but works for any age group.  It is designed to add a bit of fun to your lesson, help develop children's throwing skills and introduce a friendly competitive spirit.
Several Hoops
Bean Bag
A few cones
First split your children into teams as you would for a normal relay and give each team some bean bags.  You then need to position a row of 4 hoops  directly in front of each relay team.  These are the targets.  Before they run the relay, each team member must throw a bean bag towards the hoops.  The target hoop is the furthest away as this is obviously the hardest to hit.  Now explain to the class that each team member will throw the bean bag and then run to the other end of the playground and back. Where the bean bag lands will determine how you run, see the examples below.
A Miss run like a frog.  Children hop all the way there and back making a ribbit noise.
First Hoop Run like a chicken, children must flap their wings and cluck and crouch down as they go to the other end and back. (You can also make them lay an egg at the other end)
Second Hoop Run like a monkey. (My personal favorite) Children hop and jump to the other end scratching their armpits and make the obligatory monkey chattering noise.
Third Hoop Run like an elephant, children can run, but they must hold their arm out in front of them like a cheetah.
fourth Hoop Run like a cheetah children sprint to the other end and back, they can growl and  roar if they can manage it!
Use progressively smaller hoops to make this relay harder for older children.
After we have played it once I like to get my children to suggest their own animals.
Use a scoring system to add an element of competition.  5 points for the furthest hoop, 4 points for the next closest and so on.  I reserve 1 point for missing, but throwing it in the right direction.  This adds the opportunity to incorporate a bit of mental arithmetic into the lesson.


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