Assessment Ideas

Here are Some Assessment Ideas that I hope to use in my class this year:

Application Card

After learning about an important theory children write down a real life application on a card. This encourages children to transfer their learning to the real world. I need to think about the big picture in my planning and link the work to the real world.

Group Brainstorming

Children assess their ideas in groups. Obviously I've used this a lot before I want to make it a more natural part of my lessons. One of the first things that I'v done is to create a mind map on our topic board, so that the children can see the learning about the topic grow.

Mid Lesson Post it

Children write down what they have learnt so far on a post it note. This should hopefully allow the children to be more reflective about their learning.

Gallery Walk

Children rotate around the classroom, composing answers to different questions at different points in the room as well as reflecting on answers given by other groups. Each chart or station has its own question that relate to an important class concept. The technique closes with an oral presentation or "report out" in which each group synthesises comments to a particular question. Think/Pair/ Share Think/Pair/Square Children think then work in a group of four at every stage peer assessing what each has said. Self Assess and Peer Asses SOLO


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