Blockly is a block clicking pogram similar to scratch, that runs on javascript. It could be used with older children year 5/6 up to introduce them to blocks before using app inventor or for secondary school children as introduction to programming javascript. The challenges limit blocks making children think logically and forces them to use loops and program more efficiently

you an choose different avatars a spaceman, a panda, or the google peg man You can also share your code which will be useful for AFL or to refer to it later.

The turtle section is great for drawing shapes, thinking about angles and using loops.

Note: When I was using Blockly in my class I found that the page was blocked by my filtering service. I got around this by using a link on the brainpop site which got round this problem. Blockly is open source, so next time I'll download it and install it locally on our network or if you have the time you could embed it into your school website


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