Healthy Schools Week

Why have a healthy schools week

The advantage of having a week is that it makes time for the health discussions that we normally don’t devote enough time for in the normal everyday school curriculum. It allows us to have those in depth conversations about health and lifestyle that would otherwise get left out. It also allows teachers to talk about healthy eating, physical education and healthy living at the same time, which allows children to make links and see how to live healthy all these areas are related. While every child matters and many other initiatives of the last ten years are taking a bit of a back seat now to the more traditional focus of schools. The healthy schools initiative is something that is still supported by the government and a worthwhile award that promotes the image of your school.

Talking about Healthy Eating.

Food a fact of Life is a great place to start. This website has a load of printable and interactive resources to create a healthy meal for all age levels. I didn’t take this lesson any further. But next time I’m thinking of getting the children to cook a healthy meal/ healthy lunch box, then write instructions of how to create their meal. Armed with their healthy food background information I think this will provide a great way to extend their writing adding a tips and a clear introduction. Actually making a healthy meal will allow the children to gain a deeper understanding of healthy eating and consider whether their meal is appetising as well as healthy.

Healthy Exercise

A healthy schools week could be combined with the school sports day or plenty of separate activity


The healthy schools week is a great chance to link your numeracy with data handling. Asking questions such as which of these fruits or vegetables do you eat? How do you get to school? What is your favourite sport? Is a good place to start for lower key stage two. Upper key stage two children could plan an investigation around how far they can jump/throw. How their heart beat changes? Don’t forget that the ITP for Data Handling has a data set for the 2000 and 2004 Olympic gold medals.

Visits and Competitions

The school I worked in had a learning bus provided by the county council, which provided information about the human body, making friends and healthy living. On the face of it, it did not provide anything that could not be provided by a well thought out lesson plan in school. But the act of going to a new and different learning environment (the back of a bus) made the activity much more engaging for the class. Other visits to consider would be timing healthy schools week witht the visit from a school nurse to talk about sexual health. Asking a member from a local sports team to visit the school run an activity and talk to the children. Many large sports clubs, such as the Leicester Tigers or Liverpool FC run their own educational units and employ specific teams or educators to work with schools. Another idea for a visit would be to got to a farm to find out where food is produced. Many farms that run educational trips have funding to run these trips for the next couple of years from Natural England. This has meant that these farms have invested in essential facilities like toilets and hand washing and the only cost for schools transportation. Farms for Schools has a list of some farms that offers visits. There are many other farms that offer visits that aren’t listed, so it is worth asking around the local area as often farms don’t have websites and advertise locally. FACE also has information about farm visits and has teamed up with industry to provide some good free resources that schools can request.

Lloyds TSB promotes a healthy sports week on the 25th June and provides resources for registered schools. Planning a healthy schools week ideas


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