Robot Routes provides a good introduction to sequencing instructions and creating basic algorithms. When children have started to learn what an algorithm is and to sequence instructions. Children can then complete the challenges on the website that become increasingly complex. This provides a great first programming challenge at year 2 level up or a good homework activity for older children. Younger children may need to practice following instructions in the real world by acting navigating around a maze before moving onto this website. Children will also need a reminder about being precise with their commands and using the correct number of blocks, in order to achieve each challenge.

When children have mastered this they could then go on to complete harder challenges such as using logo, scratch or blockly.


Understand that commands are in sequential order and know the difference between left and right. Also understand the concept of a birds eye view.


My school doesn't have the best internet coverage and I found when the children used internet explorer the website timed out when everyone was loading the page at once. However when the children loaded it with Chrome it loaded fine.


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