How to create a multiple language post.

Hello, I am learning to speak Italian, but I don't speak much. My name is Neil and I am English. I have breakfast at a quarter past six. I eat yoghurt and a croissant with butter and jam, I drink milk.

I have lunch at 1pm. First, I eat pasta, second I eat chicken with carrots and peas. For dessert I eat strawberries and cream. I drink lemonade.

I have dinner at six. I eat meat with roast potatoes and brocolli, I drink some red wine.

Christmas Day

To start we have soup and drink sparkling wine. For the main course, we eat turkey, stuffing, peas, carrots, gravy and we drink red wine. For dessert we eat Christmas cake and drink coffee.

Happy Christmas


To create a translation in Nikola you need to edit the file to specify the languague that your post is available in. You then create a duplicate file of your blog post with the prefix for the language. E.g. if the original post was post.rst, the translation for italian would be Then when you build your site Nikola will create a translation link automatically, as well as translating any menus etc.


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